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US Cable News Network (CNN) yesterday disclosed the US military spy plane reconnaissance operations and secret video South China Sea, China has been reported that during the eight warning. This is the first time the Pentagon let the media reporters accompanying reconnaissance, but also “the first time the South China Sea Reclamation released video and audio between China challenges US” propaganda,canada goose mens jacket review to discredit China’s intentions all too clear. 21, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed that China’s Nansha Islands and adjacent waters has indisputable sovereignty, China has the right to monitor the circumstances of the air and sea. Almost all the international media that the event showed that the escalation of tensions reconnaissance South China Sea last week, America’s most advanced “Fort Worth” was allegedly in the South China Sea Littoral Combat Ship complete “freedom of navigation” patrol, after US Defense Secretary is critical in considering sending ships machine to enter the South China Sea islands and reefs 12 sea miles, “patrol.” Russia criticized the US Cable News Network, “playing with fire in the South China Sea.” If military conflict,canada goose jacket discount the whole of Asia will be the victims. US involvement in the South China Sea, the US military and the media claiming to “freedom of navigation”, “regional peace and stability,” Reuters believe that these are not persuasive rhetoric, Iranian media saying more direct: the United States military presence in the South China Sea crossed the half world.

“Leave immediately.” 21, CNN’s website in the most eye catching position, rendering the “China warned the US reconnaissance plane.” It reported that one of their team on the 20th followed by an interview with the most advanced “Poseidon” reconnaissance anti submarine voyage, the main purpose of the task is “YONGSHU reef reconnaissance activities of the three reefs.” Aircraft altitude of about 4500 meters, this is the lowest point, but the United States now consider flying even lower, is also considering sending naval ships arrived near the islands within a few miles of reconnaissance. Flight, aircraft radios English radio warning came from the Chinese Navy: “The foreign military aircraft, here you are close to the Chinese navy military alert our area, leave immediately.” Came the cry shortly radio: “You go! “In another call, the Chinese side said:” This is the Chinese navy . Here is the Chinese navy . please leave . avoid misunderstandings, “he reported that China in the US reconnaissance plane of the voyage issued a total of 8. warnings, it is the military confrontation between the army air.

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CNN Pentagon stressed that this is the first time to allow reporters to join the South China Sea reconnaissance flight,canada goose mens uk aimed at “improving the islands to the challenges posed by the outside world and US reaction escalating awareness.” It rewards the Pentagon with a reporter. In the report, CNN claimed that the South China Sea Reclamation “worrying”, at the level raised to “China to challenge US dominance in the region,” and even somehow wander “Beijing’s first aircraft carrier sailing, multiple warhead nuclear equipment missiles, development of missiles capable of destroying our ships. “

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