Canada Goose Sizing Chart

Canada Goose parkas are built to last a decade, if not a lifetime. With such high end products, both in terms of cost and value, you want to make sure you get the right one. But it not just a question of choosing between the Kensington and the Trillium or between the Chilliwack and the Expedition;you also have to choose the right size.

To help you out, we set up this page with the sizing charts for men, women and tough. Please note that the measurements indicated refer to your body and not the jacket. Not only that, but the fit depends on which style you get. More on that later.

But wait! It not that simple. It never is in fact. But enough of my cynicism, although the sizing charts indicate the body size a jacket was made for, it is quite important to take into consideration the fit. Canada Goose uses three different fits, Slim, Regular and Relaxed.

Slim Fit

You find that slim fit Canada Goose jackets are tighter than the average fit you used to wearing. If you like a fit that very close to the body, this one for you. If you are debating between two sizes, you should consider the larger of the two.

Relaxed Fit

Relaxed in this case is an understatement. They are very loose. Perhaps the loosest you ever wear in the corresponding size. This extra room has a function. In the coldest environments, on the coldest days, you want to be able to add some layers. The looseness allows just that; it means you can easily add a good 10 15C to your jacket.

Despite the looseness, all relaxed fit Canada Goose coats are still made for the body indicated in the sizing chart. If you are debating between two sizes, feel free to order the smaller one. If you are looking to downsize more than one size for a trimmer fit, you should think about getting another model.

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